Trump Nazi billboard displayed in Arizona (video)

In Phoenix, Arizona, a billboard of President Donald Trump wearing a Russian flag lapel pin, set against a backdrop of nuclear explosion-like mushroom clouds and dollar signs resembling Nazi swastikas, was displayed this week.

The billboard was contracted by artist Karen Fiorito. However, the owner and initiator of the idea for the billboard was Beatrice Moore.

Moore explained her reasoning for erecting the controversial image on Grand Avenue near Fillmore Street to NBC:

“I think a lot of people are feeling this way and I’m just trying to express what I think is on a lot of peoples’ minds these days. Something that really concerned us was this idea of a dictatorship … where things were going in a certain direction.”

According to Moore, the billboard will remain in its position as long as Trump is president. The billboard was originally only meant to last for the annual three-day Art Detour event in Phoenix.

The billboard can be viewed in the video below:

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