Donald Trump’s running mate, Gov. Mike Pence from Indiana, promised on national TV that he and Trump will release their respective tax returns.

Pence made the statement on Sunday during an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

The governor said he’d release his full returns next week and that Trump would release his following the completion of an IRS audit.

The liberal press, Trump critics, and Hillary Clinton have all been pressuring the billionaire to release his returns, but he has repeatedly said he cannot until the IRS audit is complete.   Critics of Trump, like billionaire Mark Cuban, claim that Trump is holding back his returns because he has something to hide.  However, there is no law stating a presidential candidate must release his or her returns.   There is also no IRS rule that prevents Trump from releasing them while under audit.

Either way, when the audit ends Trump will be expected to release the returns to the public.  The question is when will the audit end?  Most Trump supporters say they do not care what Trump’s tax returns reveal, they remain steadfast in their support of the GOP nominee.   On the flip side, no matter what his returns reveal odds are the critics and haters will find something in there they do not like.



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