Trump Rape Accuser Cancels Press Conference: “Too Afraid To Show Her Face”


A woman claiming to have been raped by Donald Trump 22 years ago when she was 13, abruptly canceled a press conference Wednesday where she was set to reveal herself and publicly tell her story for the first time.

Her attorney, Lisa Bloom, told reporters waiting for the press conference at her law firm in Woodland Hills, California that the woman had received threats and was “too afraid” to come forward.

“She is living in fear. She has decided that she’s too afraid to show her face,” Bloom told reporters. “She’s been here all day ready to do it. But unfortunately she’s in terrible fear. So we’re going to have to reschedule.”

“I apologize to all of you who came for this inconvenience I have nothing further to add.”

The woman using the pseudonym “Jane Doe” filed a lawsuit against Trump and Jeffrey Epstein this year, claiming the men raped her during a party in 1994 that Epstein hosted at his apartment.

“During this period, Plaintiff was a minor of age 13 and was legally incapable under New York law of consenting to sexual intercourse and the other sexual contacts detailed herein,” the lawsuit alleges.

Two witnesses to the alleged crimes have stepped forward: One is a former employee of Epstein who worked as a “recruiter” to find young girls for Epstein’s parties, the other is a classmate of the girl.

“These claims are all fabricated. They’re pure fiction and they’re outright lies. These events never, ever happened,” said Trump at an October rally in Florida. “These vicious claims about me of inappropriate conduct with women are totally and absolutely false.


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