Trump Rape Lawsuit Dropped – Story Fabricated

Last Wednesday, “Katie Johnson,” a woman claiming to have been raped by Donald Trump 22 years ago when she was 13, abruptly canceled a press conference Wednesday where she was set to reveal herself and publicly tell her story for the first time.

Her attorney, Lisa Bloom, told reporters waiting for the press conference at her law firm in Woodland Hills, California that the woman had received threats and was “too afraid” to come forward.

On Friday, the lawsuit against Trump was dropped, and according to DailyMail, this is because Johnson, who has two DUIs, a felony drug possession on her record and a history of drug abuse, fabricated the entire story to stop Donald Trump from becoming the next president.

Social media erupted with claims that the woman had been paid off by Trump or was so terrified by threats to her life from Trump supporters that she was forced to withdraw her claims.

But has learned that the real reason the suit was dropped is because the claims were simply NOT true.

The woman first sued Trump and Jeffrey Epstein under the name Katie Johnson – a name we know not to be her real identity – on April 26 in California federal court and filed an amended complaint in New York federal court in October, claiming she was subject to rape, criminal sexual acts, assault, battery and false imprisonment.

The court papers offered no corroborative evidence that her claims were true.

The court document Johnson filed to voluntarily dismiss the case can be seen below:



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