Trump Reaches 49% In New CNN Poll

Trump has expanded his lead over the diminished field to capture the support of nearly half of Republican voters, while Clinton tops Sanders by nearly 20 points.

[pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””] CNN Poll – Feb. 24-27

49%  Trump

16%  Rubio

15%  Cruz

10%  Carson  

6%  Kasich [/pullquote]

From CNN | by Jennifer Agiesta:  Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are poised to lead the nation’s two major parties in this fall’s presidential election, with a new nationwide CNN/ORC poll finding each well ahead of their closest competitors just as the race expands to a national stage.

Trump is widely viewed as the candidate in the field who would be most effective at solving the country’s problems, (51%), best able to handle the responsibilities of being commander-in-chief (48%) and who best understands the problems facing people like you (46%).

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