Trump Releases List of Supreme Court Picks

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Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump has released his list of potential Supreme Court Justice replacements after the death of Judge Antonin Scalia. The list is below:

The List

  1. Steven M. Colloton of Iowa (Federal Circuit Court Judge)
  2. Raymond W. Gruender of Missouri (Federal Circuit Court Judge)
  3. Thomas M. Hardiman of Pennsylvania (Federal Circuit Court Judge)
  4. William H. Pryor Jr. of Alabama (Federal Appeals Court Judge)
  5. Raymond M. Kethledge of Michigan (Federal Appeals Court Judge)
  6. Allison H. Eid of Colorado (State Supreme Court Justice)
  7. Joan Larsen of Michigan (State Supreme Court Justice)
  8. Thomas Lee of Utah (State Supreme Court Justice)
  9. David Stras of Minnesota  (State Supreme Court Justice)
  10. Diane Sykes of Wisconsin  (State Supreme Court Justice)
  11. Don Willett of Texas  (State Supreme Court Justice)

What do you think of the list? Conservative enough?


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