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Monday, the White House released President Trump’s weekly presidential address video, in which he discussed a letter from one happy taxpayer.

“This week we continue to hear from more citizens benefiting from the tax cuts and the jobs act, with more money in their paychecks and hope for an even more prosperous future,” Trump said.

He referenced a letter received from one U.S. citizen who wrote in to say that she and her husband are registered Democrats, but they now have a $165 in each paycheck, thanks to the tax cuts implemented this year.

“Nancy Pelosi calls this crumbs, Lauren sees it as grocery shopping all year long,” Trump said.

“Like every hard-working American, you deserve to keep more of your money, and you worked hard to get it,” the president said.

“There are a lot of great stories out there right now, because people are happy. They’re making a lot more money and their government is taking a lot less from them. And that’s my great honor to have helped,” Trump added.

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