Trump Scores More Pennsylvania Delegate Wins

Major VICTORY for TRUMP!  Donald Trump is winning over the unbound delegates in Pennsylvania.  Someone get ready to drop the confetti!  

In a sweeping victory at the Pennsylvania primary Tuesday night, Donald Trump won 56.7 percent of the vote in the state, and automatically was awarded 17 delegates.   The other 54 delegates are unbound, and now Trump is winning them over as well.  

Out of the 54 unbound delegates, 35 said they would support Trump on the first ballot – and that number is expected to rise, according to NBC News.

At least 25 of those delegates won their spot by openly supporting Trump.   The remaining Trump delegates said Trump was not their personal first choice, but they promised to support him because he was the winner in their district.

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“I’m never going to waiver in voting for him” at the convention, said Wayne Buckwalter, a Trump supporter elected delegate in Pennsylvania’s 6th Congressional district.

Pennsylvania is the first state where the Trump campaign has actively wooed the delegates, and it is already paying off.

According to the latest delegate count update, Trump now has 987 delegates – only 250 more to go to win the GOP nomination.

Delegate Count 042816


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