Trump Set For HUGE Day In New York

Trump 106

New York Republicans are headed to the voting booths today in the state’s primary election, and Trump is expected to score a big win with the people of his home state.

At stake in Tuesday’s primary are 95 prized delegates.    Cruz and Kasich are hoping to do at least well enough to block Trump from winning over 50% in each district – winning over 50% is a winner-take-all prize, in a district-by-district basis.

However, if the polls are any indication, New Yorkers are expected to stand behind Trump by a huge majority.    The most recent “Real Clear Politics” average poll showed Trump at 53.1% in New York, with Kasich a very distant second and Cruz in third place.

Between the delegate battles and staff issues, the past month has been rough for Trump’s campaign.   The hiring of Paul Manafort as his convention and delegate manager, and Rick Wiley as his political director is expected to strengthen Trump’s campaign dramatically, and a huge win in New York is the fuel he needs for fresh momentum.

Take our poll:  Will Trump win in a landslide victory today?


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