U.S. President-elect Trump agreed to settle three fraud lawsuits connected to Trump University for $25 million on Friday.

Students at the now-defunct school claimed they were tricked into paying thousands of dollars to learn Trump’s secrets for achieving success in real estate. The students claim they didn’t learn a single thing from Trump or the instructors.

Trump’s lawyers worked out the settlement with New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and the law firm that represented the disgruntle students.

Schneiderman said the $25 million to be paid by Trump includes restitution for students and $1 million in penalties to state.

The settlement comes just days before the class action lawsuit in California was to begin.

Trump has strongly denied the allegations made by the students and said during his campaign that he wouldn’t settle. Although he has now agreed to settle, the deal doesn’t require Trump to acknowledge wrongdoing.

A federal judge in California had been set Friday to consider arguments on Trump’s latest request to delay a trial until after Trump’s inauguration on Jan. 20.


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