Trump Supporter Stops Thief in Most Epic Way Possible

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Phillip, an Indianapolis man and Donald Trump supporter, posted a Trump campaign sign in his front yard with expectations of retaliation. In the case of someone trying to mess with the sign, Phillip decided to take matters into his own hands.

Waiting for someone to mess with the sign, Philip set up a hidden camera. He then attached the sign to fishing wire and string , which he spray-painted green to blend with the grass.  Next came the easy part: patience,

And it didn’t take too long for someone to try and steal the sign. His camera caught a woman attempting to steal the sign on video. The woman is seen in the footage grabbing the sign and attempting to run off with it. However, unaware of the booby trap, she hit a snag and face-planted in the yard. Philip successfully stopped the thief.

Phillip said people are free to disagree with his sign and his political opinion, but that the sign his property and he’s allowed to voice his freedom of speech.

“Whether it’s a Bernie or Hillary or a Trump sign, you might disagree with whatever the politics are, but it’s not yours. Leave it alone,” he said.

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