Major National Poll Shows Momentum Shift Between Trump and Clinton

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The election is 6 months away, and both Trump and Clinton both remain short of the needed delegates to declare victory, but already the polling companies are busy at work.  Just last week, Clinton led Trump by 13 points in the national poll, but in politics, one week is a lifetime.  This week the momentum is shifting.

According to a Reuters national poll just released Wednesday, 41 percent of likely voters support Clinton as the president-elect, and support for Donald Trump has surged to 40 percent.   Still undecided are 19 percent.

Reuters said the candidates’ choice of running mates could also be important. Voters surveyed in the poll said they would be more likely to support Clinton if her choice for vice president was a liberal, while Trump would help his chances if he picked someone experienced in politics and someone who is “consistently” conservative.  A Trump insider told Newsmax that Trump is leaning toward Newt Gingrich, but Dennis Michael Lynch voiced his concerns regarding why this would be a bad choice as the general election draws closer.

The Hill reports that Hillary is losing a huge percentage of her voter base, from 2008.   In West Virginia alone, in 2008 she won 240,890 votes – but in Tuesday’s West Virginia primary she only received 84,176 votes – a 65% decline.     The Hill states, “her base of support is disappearing right before our eyes.”


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