Trump Takes The Lead In New Hampshire Early Voting


Three communities in New Hampshire fall under a unique law – if they have less than 100 voters, they are allowed to open their polls at midnight, then close them as soon as all registered voters have cast their ballots.

In Dixville Notch, Clinton received 4 votes, and Trump 2.   

In Hart’s Location, Clinton received 17 votes, and Trump 14.

But in Millsfield, Trump received 16 votes, with Clinton getting 4.

All combined, the three New Hampshire towns had Trump winning, 32 to 25, reported 11 Alive News.

Hart’s Location was the first to start the early voting in 1948, when it has inhabited mostly by railroad workers and their families.  Residents voted to end it in 1964 after they got tired of all the “media ruckus”, but then revived the tradition in 1996.

Dixville Notch started early voting in 1960, but this may be the last year for it, as a businessman has purchased the closed Balsams Grant Resort Hotel and plans to redevelop it into a huge ski resort, so their population is expected to grow way beyond 100 people by the next election.

Millsfield started early voting in 1952, then stopped sometime in the 1960’s, but started it back up again last year.

Republican nominee Donald Trump and VP nominee Mike Pence held a massive campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire Monday night, which was his fourth rally of the day.


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