Trump Takes the Meeting with New York Times


After an on, then off, then back on again, few days, President elect Trump sits down with members of the New York Times.

According to the New York Times,  Trump met with the reporters on Tuesday in a boardroom at their place of business.

New York Times reporter Michael Barbaro stated, “We met over a lunch of salmon and steak, sitting around a giant wooden table with the president elect, posing questions to a man who has mocked, maligned and threatened us for the past two years.”

Barbaro created an audio file of the meeting and a link has been provided below.

Link to New York Times Meeting Audio

Barbaro continued , “What actually happened in that room, when Mr. Trump sat down with the editors, reporters and columnists for The Times on Tuesday? How did it feel? What did we learn about him? And why, after all the taunts and outbursts, was Mr. Trump so civil toward us — nice, even?



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