Many Trump supporters are having a hard time digesting the comments made by one of Trump’s top officials on Tuesday.

The U.S. Homeland Security secretary said Tuesday that the Trump administration would consider immigration legislation that includes a pathway to citizenship for hundreds of thousands of Dreamers (aka illegal aliens),  while emphasizing no decision on that issue has been made and a border wall remains the priority.

Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said in an interview with the Associated Press that Congress is considering three options, including citizenship or permanent legal status for illegal aliens who were temporarily shielded from deportation by the Obama administration.

Details on qualifying for citizenship, including on how many years to wait and other requirements, would have to be addressed.

Asked whether the president would support citizenship, she said, “I think he’s open to hearing about the different possibilities and what it means but, to my knowledge, there certainly hasn’t been any decision from the White House.”

On Tuesday night, Trump took to Twitter to tout statements made about his own accomplishments.  He wrote: “President Trump has something now he didn’t have a year ago, that is a set of accomplishments that nobody can deny. The accomplishments are there, look at his record, he has had a very significant first year.” Show,David Asman & Ed Rollins”


Dennis Michael Lynch put out a tweet directed towards the president and what the cost of approving DACA would mean to the Trump legacy: “add DACA 2 list & its game over. I go from Fighting 4Trump to Fighting Against Trump. Narrative does 180 bcause U give DACA & U screw my kids. DACA=elections 2 Dems 4eva. Ur wall becomes moot. Future Dems rip it down, like they will all of ur legacy. Dont b dumb, dont screw USA”