As CPAC winds down in Washington DC, the results of its audience polls are being revealed.  One poll shows conservatives are overwhelmingly happy with Trump’s job performance.

Judge Jeanine of Fox News highlighted the results on her show this evening. According to CPAC, 93% of the attendees this week approve of Trump’s presidency.

Trump called into the Judge Jeanine show Saturday evening, and told the popular TV host that he has “a lot of energy” and “lots of good ideas.”  He said,  “I don’t think any administration has done what we’ve done in our first full year.”  He then mentioned the economy, tax reform, stripping of regulations, and the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court as his biggest accomplishments.

Trump went on to say the Democrats are stopping him from getting more done, mentioning for example the delays they cause when approving his candidates for vacant positions within the administration.

Trump also stated he wants to get DACA done “for the Hispanics.”  Trump said, “I did very well with the Hispanics.”  He then boasted, “I’m the one who is pushing for DACA to get done and the Democrats are nowhere to be found.”  (Trump grabbed just 29% of the Hispanic vote in 2016.  This is a 1% increase when compared to Gov. Mitt Romney in 2012, and a 2% decrease from Sen McCain in 2008.)

His statement to Fox News matches his tweet from Saturday evening in which he declared that he and the GOP are trying to get a deal done for the Dreamers, but that the Democrats have stopped talking about the issue.  DML responded to the tweet by stating the president should focus on Americans and Obamacare, instead of illegal aliens.  You can read the exchange by clicking here.

Here is a portion of the president’s interview with Fox News:

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