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The president on Monday will release an outline to battle the opioid epidemic in America.  Trump will include the controversial move to use the death penalty for some drug dealers.

According to report, Trump will announce the Initiative to Stop Opioid Abuse during his first visit as president to New Hampshire, a state the opioid epidemic has hit hard.

The plan includes a mix of efforts that advocates have been supportive of in the past, such as expanding access to the gold standard of treatment for an opioid addiction and ensuring first responders are equipped with an opioid overdose reversal drug.

It also includes law enforcement measures, and addiction advocates have been urging the administration and lawmakers to steer away from a war-on-drugs approach they say hasn’t worked in the past.

The initiative details actions the administration can do on its own, while also calling on Congress to pass certain measures that the administration says could help combat the epidemic that’s killing more people per year across the country than traffic accidents.

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