Why Trump Took His 3-Year-Old Daughter To Work

In the midst of all the crude accusations reported by the mainstream media against Republican nominee Donald Trump, another story surfaced this week that exposes Trump’s character in a different light.

New York Post journalist Heather Robinson wrote a column Monday, saying she was a personal witness to Donald Trump’s “sweeter side” several years ago.

In 1997, Trump showed up a bit late for a “young leaders” luncheon event put on by the Jewish charity UJA-Federation.   Trump was late, because he brought a date – his 3-year-old daughter Tiffany, all dressed up in white.


Robinson said Trump carried Tiffany in, and said, “I know you all paid to hear me, and you’re getting two for the price of one today because I brought Tiffany.”

The reason was because Tiffany’s mother, Marla, was sick and not able to take care of her that day.

Robinson said he was very tender, loving and attentive to the little blonde-haired girl, balancing his attention to her while remaining committed to his audience.   She said she saw a man flexible enough to take over parenting duties because his spouse was ill.

“As a single woman listening to Trump, I remember being moved that this important man was so caring and loving with his little daughter — and clearly proud of her,” Robinson wrote.

She added, “Coming into the final stretch of the campaign, I wonder: Is Trump missing some opportunities to show some of that warmth, flexibility, and ability to connect?”

Robinson wrote of the impressive, successful children Trump has raised:

“It’s hard to believe Trump could have helped raise them into such decent, hardworking, unspoiled adults — ones devoted to him, no less — if he were a monster or true out-of-control misogynist.

No doubt the rigors of surviving and thriving in New York City’s business world, and the relentless push to get and stay ahead, won’t bring out anyone’s softer qualities. Nor will the often dirty business of politics, or the entertainment world with its pressure to be sensationalistic and extreme.

And in many ways, Trump’s harshness may have helped bring him this far. But perhaps Trump’s gentler, more decent side — the family man I witnessed that day with his daughter Tiffany — could save him in the final stretch.”





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