Trump Tower Gets Major Security Boosts


The transferral of power is surreal. Donald Trump, former reality TV star and billionaire businessman, is officiating his transition to President of the United States by receiving some major security upgrades. An official no-fly zone was implemented over Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York since the results came in Tuesday night, making Trump President-Elect.

The Federal Aviation Administration ban states any aircraft in a two mile radius within 3,000ft of the 58-story building is prohibited. Helicopters for tours, commercial use and media broadcasting also fall under this ban, as well as drones. This ban shall last until his inauguration on January 20, 2017. The only exceptions under the ban are military, police emergency and secret service flights.

Home of the NBC television show The Apprentice as well as Trump’s main residence, the tourist hotspot will be become more secure in terms of regulations and limitations when in public use. Police officers have begun installing concrete barriers around the ground of the Tower. One traffic lane that passes by the Tower will remain closed to prevent car bomb attacks.

On Thursday, an NYPD checkpoint was established outside the building while 56th street between Fifth and Madison is also closed to traffic. Heavily-armed officers surrounded the president-elect’s home while Trump himself visited President Obama at the White House.

As for employees of the Tower, those who work and live inside Trump Tower will now be vetted by the Secret Service. Elevators will also be secured by guards. “Obviously, Trump Tower is not like a house in the suburbs or the country. It’s a tourist location, with businesses and apartments inside, people coming in and out at all hours,” a source told the New York Daily News.

Pictures and video of the upgrades are below:





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