Trump TV? Glenn Beck Thinks He Would Be Fantastic At Launching His Own Network

beck and trump

Rumors are circulating that Donald Trump could launch his own TV network if he were to lose the presidency to Clinton in November.

On Sunday Beck told CNN’s Brian Stelter that starting a news outlet is “a lot harder than you think,” but if Trump were to set up a network to speak only to a particular crowd, he would be “fantastic” at doing so. He suggested Trump would only have a hard time expanding his audience past those who don’t follow his particular viewpoints.

“If you just wanna juice your own people up, then the over-the-top, OTT, is the greatest thing and Donald Trump will be fantastic at it,” Beck said, using a term to describe online Netflix-style streaming services. “Because you can just keep juicing those people up in crazier and crazier things and they’ll just keep paying you money and you’ll make $20 million a year.”

The interview with Glenn Beck can be seen below:


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