Trump Tweet: Blasts Obama Admin

The month of April has been extremely busy for the Trump administration as it cleans up the mess that was left after the Obama administration bungled U.S. foreign policy through “appeasement and retreat,” as an article in The Hill puts it.

“It would be great if diplomats could protect America, its allies and its interests with words alone. But in matters involving aggressive tyrannies, words don’t mean much unless they are backed up by military muscle and the credible willingness to use force. When that threat goes missing, predators take notice,” opined contributor Claudia Rosett.

“It’s also clear that when America backs down, the threats tend to compound. Predatory regimes tend to do business together, observe each other and learn from each other. When Russia snatches turf from a neighbor and gets away with it, that sends a message to China,” she noted.

President Donald Trump weighed in on this reality when he tweeted on Monday: “‘The first 90 days of my presidency has exposed the total failure of the last eight years of foreign policy!’ So true. @foxandfriends”

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