President Donald J. Trump tweeted a congradulatory message to Kevin Cramer on Wednesday afternoon, saying “we need Kevin in the Senate” based on his stance on crime, borders and taxes.

According to National Review: Republican congressman Kevin Cramer — who is running to challenge Democratic U.S. senator Heidi Heitkamp this fall — received close to 61,000 votes. 

…Heitkamp, who ran uncontested in the primary, received just 36,500 votes

While it’s difficult to predict November outcomes based on a primary alone, especially given that Heitkamp ran unchallenged, last night’s numbers should be comforting to North Dakota Republicans — along with national Republicans paying close attention to the fate of this Senate seat.

Trump tweeted: Congratulations to @KevinCramer on his huge win in North Dakota. We need Kevin in the Senate, and I strongly endorse him. Heidi voted NO on our Tax Cuts, and always will vote no when we need her. Kevin is strong on Crime & Borders, big on Cutting Taxes!