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In a pair of Sunday morning tweets, President Donald Trump took aim at the Democrats, declaring that DACA “is probably dead” because “Democrats don’t really want it.”

“DACA is probably dead because the Democrats don’t really want it, they just want to talk and take desperately needed money away from our Military,” Trump tweeted.

Trump tweeted the message despite the Tuesday ruling by U.S. District Judge William Alsup in San Francisco that the Department of Homeland Security’s “decision to rescind DACA was based on a flawed legal premise.” The judge called the move to rescind DACA benefits “arbitrary” and “capricious.”

Alsup ruled in favor of the University of California, ordering the Trump administration to resume DACA renewal applications while challenges to the September order are considered in the courts.

In a second Sunday morning tweet regarding immigration, Trump demanded and end to U.S. immigration lotteries.

“I, as President, want people coming into our Country who are going to help us become strong and great again, people coming in through a system based on MERIT. No more Lotteries! #AMERICA FIRST,” Trump tweeted.

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