President Donald J. Trump tweeted out a “thank you” to conservative political pundit Mary Matalin on Sunday.

Trump’s tweet read: “I can die happy now with Trump Job performance,” stated Mary Matalin. “A great overall President, stunning!” Thank you Mary.

Matalin, who served under President Ronald Reagan, was George H.W. Bush’s Campaign director and was an assistant to President George W. Bush, made the comments in an interview with PJ Media last month.

She reportedly said: “He’s doing really great. I can die happy now. I was really worried about it.”

Matalin also said of Trump: “I think he’s stunning; he’s a paradigmatic shift because, for him, I think, it’s an isolated paradigm shift. I don’t think anybody else can do it because everybody else who thinks they know about politics impedes their own forward motion by saying it can’t be done. He doesn’t have that gene –everything can be done.”