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Saturday afternoon, President Trump tweeted about hundreds of bikers who have arrived for a photo op at his Beminster, New Jersey resort.

The president tweeted:

Hundreds of Bikers for Trump just joined me at Bedminster. Quite a scene – great people who truly love our Country!

According to updates by reporters on social media, approximately 180 bikers, made up of veterans, law enforcement, supporters, and the Bikers For Trump organization were gathered in the Bedminster parking lot, despite the rainy weather.

Associated Press reporter Jill Colvin replied to a tweet President Trump just sent out about the “dossier debacle” paid for by Fusion GPS. Colvin noted that the press pool “is still waiting in the Bedminster parking lot for the rain to clear so Trump can do his photo-op with the bikers.”

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  1. I’m still waiting for ANTIFA to descend on Sturgis, like they keep promising to do the last 2 years, during bike week, so they can take a whooping they will never forget!

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