President Donald J. Trump issued a warning of sorts for people with “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” a reference to a fictitious medical condition used to describe people who show severe “dislike” for the president.

According to the Urban Dictionary: Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a mental condition in which a person has been driven effectively insane due to their dislike of Donald Trump, to the point at which they will abandon all logic and reason. Symptoms for this condition can be very diverse, ranging from hysterical outbursts to a complete mental break. TDS can also often result in the sufferer exhibiting violent, homicidal, or even genocidal desires.

Trump tweeted: BEWARE! #TrumpDerangementSyndrome can be career ending.

Trump included a link to an article by The Hill which references the resignation of a reporter Conor Berry from The Republican in Springfield, Mass. Berry made a false allegation about the gunman who opened fire on a newsroom in Maryland. He sent out a tweet claiming the shooter was wearing a hat bearing Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

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