Trump tweet: Passes blame on healthcare, DML tweets back at Trump to take blame himself

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Written by DML

It’s becoming increasingly clear that President Trump is more than willing to pass the blame onto everyone but himself for the failure of the healthcare bill known as “TrumpCare” — or is it “RyanCare?” — or is it the “American Health Care Act?”  It’s hard to keep track of what “they’re” calling it.

But, assigning a name to the epically-flawed bill that never had a chance of passing because it failed to lower premiums should be the least of all worries. What I see being of the greatest concern is the lack of accountability in the GOP, starting with the president.

On Friday, the president held a short press conference in the Oval Office after he told Rep. Paul Ryan to pull the bill from a House vote because it wouldn’t pass. It was “10 to 15 votes short, ” according to President Trump.

During the presser, the president clearly stated, “Speaker Paul Ryan worked very hard on this bill.” He then blamed the Democrats for the failure to replace Obamacare, citing that not a single Democrat was willing to work with him or Ryan. Trump then reiterated how much he likes the Speaker of the House.

A day later, the president tweeted a head-scratching message. On Saturday afternoon, he told everyone to watch Fox News at 9 p.m. Why would he do such a thing? He wasn’t scheduled to make an appearance. Could it be that the president knew what TV host Judge Jeanine Pirro was about to do? I’m guessing, “Yes.”

Pirro provided a fire-filled monologue that ripped into the bowels of Paul Ryan — demanding he step down from his role as Speaker of the House. She shoveled all the blame for the failed bill onto Ryan, and, in the process, gave the president a complete pass for his role in the creation of the bill: for his lobbying of the bill to Congress, for his “warnings” placed on GOP representatives about what happens to them in 2018 if they do not vote on the bill, and for telling the American people how great the bill is for them.

According to Pirro, “No one expected a businessman to completely understand the nuances, the complicated ins-and-outs of Washington and its legislative process. How would he know on what individuals he could rely?”

Perhaps Pirro didn’t expect much from Trump, a billionaire businessman who never forgets to tout his best-selling book about deal making, but I did. “How would he know on what individuals he could rely?” Are you serious Jeanine?  The question is so plastic and so outrageous that it’s hard to take her seriously.

Pirro, in her buddy-buddy relationship with the president, failed her viewers by ignoring the fact that the president has several people on his team, including members of his cabinet, who have been in D.C. for a long time and understand the workings of the D.C. swamp.

Does Judge Jeanine forget that the president has a vice president who served in Congress for years before becoming a governor? He understands how the sausage gets made.

She’s overlooked how much time the president had to read through the bill and to back away from it after getting weeks of warning calls from conservatives.  He, as president, chose to ignore those warnings.  He chose to ignore Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, the Tea Party, the Heritage Foundation, yours truly, and a host of others begging him to pull out and drop Ryan.

In my opinion, Pirro’s rant makes the president look weak and gullible.

Why didn’t Pirro play the clip where the president said repeatedly, “This is a great, great bill, believe me.”  He continued, “The media is getting it all wrong, I am totally behind this bill.” Let’s call a spade a spade, Jeanine. My hunch says he wanted the win — he wanted to prove to everyone he could use the art of the deal to power his bill past the brick wall of “no” votes. In his mind, he could change the no votes to yes votes. And that is why he stood side by side with Ryan selling the 3-phases to the American people.

Pirro must have had a brain freeze when reminding viewers that Paul Ryan never supported Trump from the get-go. He wouldn’t endorse the president, he disinvited him from a Wisconsin event shortly before the election, and he was caught on a video stating, “I do not support the Trump, I never will.”  She speaks of all these things as if Trump never got the memo about Ryan’s distain for the president.

But moving past Pirro, sadly, the blame game goes even deeper.

Based on his latest tweet, the president is now pointing blame on the Freedom Caucus, Club for Growth, and the Heritage Foundation; all three highly-conservative groups would not support the bill because it did not undo the fundamentals of Obamacare.

Lots of finger-pointing going on in the White House. It’s getting hard to keep track. Who gets blamed next?

I think Paul Ryan is a terrible leader. And most of us conservatives know he cannot be trusted.  I mean, it’s not like Dr. Ben Carson pulled a fast one on the president and we are all standing here with our mouths open in disbelief.  The real question here is, “why did everybody see this coming by President Trump?”

A few years ago, I did a speaking tour in which I met with Republican groups and Tea Parties throughout the country. Most of my speech was about effective leadership and the importance of our children having someone to look up to. I concluded the speech with four short video clips.

The first clip was a collection of sound bites of Sen. Marco Rubio. It showed how he flip-flopped back and forth over the years on his positions regarding immigration. I then played a clip of Hillary Clinton, followed by one of President Obama. Both clips showed them pawning off blame to other people and groups.

When the first three clips ended, I said, “This is what our children see. They are learning from our leaders that pawning off blame, ducking responsibility, not being accountable, lying on camera, flip-flopping and eluding the truth is acceptable behavior.” I further expressed, “This is poison, and it puts our future at risk.”

I ended the speech with a fourth clip. It’s of Ronald Reagan addressing the American people about the Iran-Contra scandal. In it, he says, “As disappointed as I am in some who serve for me, I must be accountable to the American people for this behavior.” He continued, “It happened on my watch.” You can watch the short clip below.

I hold great esteem and hope for President Trump, but he should really watch this clip of Reagan. He should take responsibility for his failures. Doing so wouldn’t make him look bad, it would make him a great leader.

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