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Thursday afternoon, President Trump posted a video message to the American people on his Twitter account, speaking out about the reasons for the new tariffs against Chinese imports.

“For many years, countries have been taking total advantage of the United States on trade. Whether they are allies or not, they looked at us as a bunch of very soft touches, and that’s not what’s happening anymore,” Trump said.

“We made a Mexico, which is a fair deal – not the deal that we lived with where we were losing hundreds of billions of dollars a year. We’re working on other trade deals, but the big one is China, because for a long period of time, China has taken advantage of our country.”

The president continued, “I don’t blame China. I blame the people that represented our nation who allowed that to happen, where $375 billion in trade deficits came about year after year. We don’t want that. Not fair, not right.

“So we’ve place massive tariffs on China, and the tariffs have really had a positive impact. Number one, our country has taken in a lot of money. Number two, we’re creating jobs like never before. So it’s very important that China open it’s markets to our farmers and everybody else,” Trump said.

He compared the unfair trade practices and added, “We’re changing things, and we’re changing them fast.”

Watch his full remarks in the video below.

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  1. “Number one, our country has taken in a lot of money” (from tariffs). So, whose money was it? China’s? NO, the American people’s, those who bought China’ goods!!! And, our “President” thinks that is good news for America??? Think again!

  2. So many of the goods that come from China are pure garbage. It will be good to get products made in the good ole U.S.A. again.

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