President Trump lashed out at former National Intelligence Director James Clapper, who said Tuesday on The View that Trump should be “happy” there was at least one FBI “informant” who made contact with members of The Trump campaign.

“What they were trying to do was protect our political system and protect the campaign,” Clapper claimed on the program.

“Was the FBI spying on Trump’s campaign?” co-host Joy Behar asked Clapper.

“No, they were not,” he replied. “They were spying, a term I don’t particularly like, on what the Russians were doing, trying to understand, were the Russians infiltrating?

Behar asked, “So why doesn’t he like that? He should be happy.”

“Well, he should be,” responded Clapper.

President Trump blasted Clapper Wednesday morning:

“Trump should be happy that the FBI was SPYING on his campaign” No, James Clapper, I am not happy. Spying on a campaign would be illegal, and a scandal to boot!

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