Thursday evening when the press heard that South Korean officials visiting the White House would be making a big announcement that evening, the media all anxiously waited for announcement and blasted it out when it finally came – that North Korea’s dictator was requesting a meeting with President Trump, willing to cease testing of ballistic missiles and committed to denuclearization.

However, after President Trump accepted the invitation to meet with Kim Jong Un, the mainstream media was aghast.

The mockery from the media was not lost on the president, who shot out the following statement on Twitter Saturday afternoon:

In the first hours after hearing that North Korea’s leader wanted to meet with me to talk denuclearization and that missile launches will end, the press was startled & amazed. They couldn’t believe it. But by the following morning the news became FAKE. They said so what, who cares!

Indeed, the following morning, many in the liberal media were calling the invite “fake” and twisting it into a host of scenarios… including MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” hosts, who literally claimed that President Trump had just accepted Kim Jong Un’s invitation to distract everyone from the “major headlines” about Stormy Daniels, an adult film star.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow also went on a rant the next morning, claiming that the very fact no other U.S. president had ever gone to meet with a leader from North Korea proved that it was risky and unwise.