President Donald J. Trump tweeted a video of his response to a New York Times op-ed on Wednesday. The op-ed was reportedly written by an “anonymous senior administration official” is critical of Trump, and it describes efforts to push back against the president in certain circumstances.

In the video, Trump denounced the New York Times and CNN and applauded the efforts of his administration. He also denounced the anonymous op-ed.

Along with the video, Trump wrote: “The Failing New York Times!”

In following tweet, the president issued a one-word question: “TREASON?”

Read more about the op-ed and the White House’s response here.

Read about Trump’s response here.


  1. sedition in American
    (sɪˈdɪʃən ; sidishˈən)
    the stirring up of discontent, resistance, or rebellion against the government in power

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