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On Saturday, President Donald J. Trump released a video in defense of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

During the 3-minute video, Trump recalls the history of ICE, slams Democrats for not supporting the agency and offers words of appreciation for ICE agents.


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  1. POTUS DONALD JOHN TRUMP enforce our laws, deport al l100 million illegal aliens from central and south America, financially charge their ratchet countries with fines for their crimes permitting and condoning these illegal aliens to illegally enter for centuries our country which benefited their countries for the alleges l aliens send over $80 BILLION cash to their corrupt home countries thru our banks (who solicit their accounts and business which is also illegal) wires and western union companies which POUTS Trump vowed to stop. preach the truth with facts baby. keeping us safe. We love ICE and we have ICE’S back 100%. getting it done. google self deport of 1932 of illegal aliens from Mexico central and south America. Our US Congress needs to make it a major felon with multiple enhancements for prison 10 years first offense like Mexico laws states. Illegal aliens coming to US making demand, preferred and special treatment is also illegal. The corrupt KKK promoting, slave holders DEMS promoting them and encouraging their illegal entry for their corrupt benefit of forcing illegal aliens to vote DEM in all US elections which his also illegal, trying to overthrow our US government is TREASON.

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