Monday morning, President Trump sent out a Twitter statement, announcing that he will be speaking at a rally this evening for South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster, who is running for re-election.

Trump tweeted: “Will be heading to one of my favorite places, South Carolina, to fight for one of my original “fighters,” Governor Henry McMaster. Speaking at 7:00 P.M.”

The president then re-tweeted a post by Republican Senator Marco Rubio, which stated:

“Trump haters still haven’t realized how much they help him with their condescension of those who either voted for him or don’t share their hatred of him. And how much they help him with their irrational hostility towards those who work for him.”

The statement comes in the wake of several recent incidents in which members of the Trump administration or politicians who support Trump have been harassed and chased out of public venues.

Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters then called for people to continue to harass all members of the Trump administration.

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