President Trump took to Twitter on Sunday to express his thoughts about the fast moving caravan of migrants on its way to the US.

The caravan, which has been estimated to be 7,000 people strong from Central America, is demanding to be given entry into the US. Trump has tried to stop the caravan with tough talk about cutting off foreign aid to Honduras and Guatemala, but he has said nothing about cutting off the jobs from the migrants who by in large state they are coming for work.

Trump tweeted: “The Caravans are a disgrace to the Democrat Party. Change the immigration laws NOW!”

Dennis Michael Lynch (DML), who has been riding Trump since his presidency about securing the border by means of issuing an executive order for a national mandatory e-verify system, responded to the president with a tweet of his own. DML writes, “You ignoring existing laws that it’s illegal to hire illegals is a national disgrace, and will stain your presidency. In FY2018, under your watch, we had 70k more illegal crossings than under Obama FY2015. Same laws. When Obama beats you at the border, you know you’re a failure.”

Trump had a second tweet. “Full efforts are being made to stop the onslaught of illegal aliens from crossing our Souther Border. People have to apply for asylum in Mexico first, and if they fail to do that, the U.S. will turn them away. The courts are asking the U.S. to do things that are not doable!”

DML responded:“Pg27 of Crippled America:Make America Great Again, DJT writes, “Certainly eVerify would help”…”Our leaders must lead in this” being done. So far, Pres.DT has fed cheap labor demand w/more illegals than Obama.,never mentioning everify. Saying every measure is being taken is BS!”


  1. DML this piss’es me off because if they have a stolen Social Security number they can pass E-verify I know because we have a business and they can get them at any corner or from any Democrat, you really think you have all the answers, well a little news flash you don’t when it comes to this.Do you homework on Social Security numbers and Drivers license because they are giving them out like Halloween candy

    • Elaine i agree with you . Sideline quarterbacks can come up with answers .. Kinda like trump did before he got in office then he found out that its not as easy to do what you want to do .We still have rinos in the republican party Flake is doing all he can do to block Trump till he is out John McCain was a rino that mostly went with the Dems and always went against Trump .IF republicans get out and do what they need to do in the mid terms we will get a lot more done , Even in immigration laws If what the news is saying that the dems will take over the house then we will not get anything done about imagination other than open borders

        • DML. Why don’t you quit commenting, Your only showing your stupidity! 1. Why don’t you answer and reply to Jim Crisp? 2. We still have open borders because of the Demorats. 3. We don’t want one world order and open borders. That’s ok come November the Demorats will lose both houses. Then 2020! The Demorats have made the majority of the United States so mad, The Demorats won’t be able to win a seat in their own Condominium H.O.A.

    • What she is saying is true. My son also has a business and says he doesn’t ever hire illegals; however, it is impossible to tell the difference between a legitimate and fake ID. Let’s hope it isn’t too late to do something about illegals coming into our country. It really is a disgrace that America allows such nonsense – letting a mob storm into our country, demand entry, and by law (which they somehow know) gain entry. This is a complete setup. We need to find out who is responsible for this and find some kind of law that says this is a crime. Then, arrest, try, convict, and put in prison for a long, long time. This latest episode shows they are becoming stronger each time they get by with this behavior. I can’t believe that liberals haven’t finally become afraid…..afraid they will have no future in their own country. Anyone who reads history knows Socialism is a disaster.

    • It sounds like an excuse: Ask for SS no, the criminal illegals have a fake SS and hard to know. Build a fence: No. they use a lader or jump the fence. Send ALL illegal aliens back they are promoting corruption within ALL Democrats-media. We the people can make E-verify work every time we use a company service. If we do that every time no need for the govt to fix a problem and many other problems like $ we pay for translation and so on.

  2. The democrats are obviously behind this and sending thousands of immigrants to make Trump look bad. They had no reason to send thousands to make Obama look bad. This is not Trumps fault but something MUST be done about it.

  3. How difficult would it be to have a Go Fund Me page for citizens to pitch in and let We The People build the wall.

  4. I’d love to know what the “full efforts are being made to stop the onslaught” entail… to guess, DML?

    • There is only one way along with building the wall. Use our military to stop them where the wall hasn’t been built yet and bring an end to asylum seekers.

  5. Its Congress’s job to enact immigration laws. The president can only do so much. He has gotten ice to go after several of the large employers recently.
    The biggest problem is the stupid laws and leftist courts .if it’s not inhumane to either send a child on that journey alone or with questionable guardianship, then it’s to inhumane to send them right back.
    This asylum loophole is bullshit.all they need do is legally cross the border and ask for asylum? And they’ve been coached on what to say, and they also know that if they come in large enough numbers we will let them in with an ankle bracelet which they cut off and disappear into the country.
    Change the law, no entry until asylum is granted. Children either go into the holding areas or return home with their guardian. Catch and release is a scam
    We also need more work visas. And we need to make it easier to hire legal immigrants. Perhaps using the unemployment offices as a clearing house. The employers can ask for and they can be put in touch with someone seeking work.once its settled they get a work Visa, after a few years of this they can transition into citizenship if they like.
    It’s not fucking hard, the problem is the big employers donate, and the leftist want the illegal vote and they hope that by being for open borders the legal relatives will vote Democrat

  6. Every elected/appointed official who does not aggressively act to end/eliminate this invasion of illegal aliens is guilty of dereliction of duty and violation of existing federal immigration laws. As such it is incumbent on citizens to demand they be charged, prosecuted, recalled, impeached or by any other means removed from office.
    Failure to do so renders all us complicit in the takeover of this country by the very people who have invaded it.

  7. We hired a company that verified each SS# we got numbers of people that died 50 years ago and # for babies 8 months old. Just looking at a card you can’t tell if the number is legit, a company who can tell you is your only answer

  8. DML, the e-verify issue is a lot more complex than Trump signing an order. We totally need e-verify

    There are way too many employers who are not using it right now. But, I think he should look at it after the midterms. If he has enough seats in the house and senate, then he can push congress to do their jobs.

    If you stop the spiggot right before midterms, you are going to piss a lot of people off. I think the businesses need to be eased into it.

    Also, in Colorado, there are help wanted signs in just about every business window.

    • Mary… Thanks to President Trump, there are help signs in windows everywhere! I still love it when President Obozo said we Americans should get used to all the jobs that left because they’re never going to come back.
      I’ll bet eats those words every morning when he is eating his breakfast. lol

  9. Consider the possibility that this is another feature of calculated asymmetrical warfare being waged against the United States to set the stage for the next assault on Americas freedoms. There is more to the Deep State and the Dark State than the majority of Americans care to admit that they are aware of, in spite of the overwhelming evidence right before our eyes such as the compromise of the CIA, FBI and DOJ. None of which would be possible without the presence in Congress of persons that seek to destroy America as founded. Watch the next phase seeking “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”, it is a corrupt bargain and Amnesty by any other means. Beware the emotional appeals gushing from a complicit press.

  10. To hell with e-verify! A platoon of RANGERS + 1 each AC-130 SPECTRE gunship, both with basic loads…the “Caravan” will no longer be a problem!

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