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President Donald J. Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday evening, first with a tweet about a pro-life event her spoke at and then about the “spy” alleged to have been placed into his 2016 presidential campaign.

In his first tweet, which included a video, Trump tweeted: For the first time since Roe v. Wade, America has a Pro-Life President, a Pro-Life Vice President, a Pro-Life House of Representatives and 25 Pro-Life Republican State Capitals! 

During the speech, Trump mixed humor and emotion as he spoke about the upcoming midterm elections and the importance of protecting the unborn.

His next two tweets, combined here, read: If the person placed very early into my campaign wasn’t a SPY put there by the previous Administration for political purposes, how come such a seemingly massive amount of money was paid for services rendered – many times higher than normal. Follow the money! The spy was there early in the campaign and yet never reported Collusion with Russia because there was no Collusion. He was only there to spy for political reasons and to help Crooked Hillary win – just like they did to Bernie Sanders, who got duped!

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