President Donald J. Trump retweeted a post from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Friday, then thanked a group of heroic rescuers and FEMA.

The tweet read: [Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite system East] captured these two dramatic views of #HurricaneFlorence shortly after the storm made landfall near Wrightsville Beach, NC this morning.

The tweet included incredible imagry of the hurricane.

Next, Trump praised the “Cajun Navy,” a group of volunteers who are private boat owners that assist in search and rescue efforts during floods. The group was formed in response to Hurricane Katrina and jumped into action during the 2016 Louisiana floods and Hurricane Harvey, helping hundreds of citizens during each disaster.

Trump tweeted a video of a recent rescue, writing: We love the #CajunNavy – THANK YOU!

Next, Trump retweeted a post from FEMA which read: Over 1,150 @FEMA Urban Search and Rescue personnel are integrated with state & local teams in NC, SC, & VA to help with rescues after #Florence. The teams came from all over the country this week, traveling long distances with equipment & K-9 partners to arrive before the storm.

Trump also thanked FEMA in a follow-up tweet, writing: Keep up the great work – THANK YOU! 

He included a twet from FEMA that read: US&R FL Task Force 1 receives assignment & heads out in support of . These highly trained teams are deployed during disasters to locate, rescue, & initiate medical stabilization of trapped individuals.