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Trump took to Twitter on Saturday night to issue yet another tweet outlining his immigration plan that contradicts itself.  Par for the course, I guess.  Only difference is this tweet comes with a video.

For 90-seconds Trump talks about MS13, and how important it is to change the loopholes in our immigration system, but offers no solutions other than saying he wants to eliminate the visa lottery, stop chain migration, and secure the border.

Meanwhile, the flow of drugs and people coming across the border illegally is picking up at an alarming rate, mostly because the cartels and illegal aliens aren’t taking Trump seriously as he continued to tout amnesty for 1.8M illegal alien Dreamers.

Furthermore, as explained by former ICE agent Michael Cutler earlier this week during his appearance on the ‘The Truth’, there is no way the government will be able to conduct true background checks — meaning, the millions of illegals will be rubber stamped approved.

Trump tweeted on Saturday evening the following: “My Administration has identified three major priorities for creating a safe, modern and lawful immigration system: fully securing the border, ending chain migration, and canceling the visa lottery. Congress must secure the immigration system and protect Americans.

I responded with the following message: “Ur plan = illegals here keep taking jobs. U warn of MS13, yet u’ll b rubber stamping 2M Dreamers into citizenship. ICE & BP hate ur plan. Only Ivanka & illegals luv ur plan. Obamacare remains, Iran deal alive, Vets dying at VA, amnesty…Checkmate, U win,We lose.Obama’s 3rd term.” 

Earlier this evening, we reported about a DACA recipient who is currently on the run, wanted for allegedly killing a store owner in Texas.  The DACA Dreamer passed the government screening process, according to Breitbart News.

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