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While President Trump awaits the arrival of Pastor Andrew Brunson for a visit to the White House, he has posted a series of statements on Twitter.

After being held captive for over two years in Turkey, Pastor Brunson was finally ordered freed by a Turkish judge on Friday, and has now arrived back on U.S. soil. He is scheduled to visit President Trump in the Oval Office at 2:30 pm ET.

Trump tweeted, quoting a Fox News host, ““From a Turkish prison to the White House in 24 hours.” Kristin Fisher of @FoxNews Very cool!”

In another tweet, the president confirmed his endorsement for Republican Congressman Keith Rothfus, who is running for reelection:

Highly respected Congressman Keith Rothfus (R) of Pennsylvania is in the fight of his life because the Dems changed the District Map. He must win. Strong on crime, borders, big tax & reg cuts, Military & Vets. Opponent Lamb a Pelosi puppet-weak on crime. BIG ENDORSEMENT FOR KEITH.

The president also confirmed his endorsement for Congressman Andy Barr of Kentucky, for whom he is hosting a MAGA rally Saturday evening:

Heading to the Great State of Kentucky – Big Rally for Congressman Andy Barr – Fantastic guy, need his vote for MAGA! Strong on Crime, Tax Cuts, Military, Vets & 2nd A. His opponent will NEVER vote for us, only for Pelosi. Andy has my Strongest Endorsement!!! See you in Kentucky.

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