Primary elections are being held Tuesday in five states – Virginia, Nevada, Maine, North Dakota and South Carolina.

While traveling back on Air Force One from Singapore, President Trump posted his endorsements on Twitter.

The president endorsed Republican Adam Laxalt for Governor of Nevada. Laxalt currently serves as Nevada’s Attorney General and is a former lieutenant in the United States Navy.

Trump tweeted:

I strongly endorse Adam Laxalt for Governor of Nevada. Adam is smart, works hard, and knows how to win. He will be a great Governor. Also, will fight hard to lower your taxes and is tough on crime!

The president also re-tweeted an earlier endorsement from last Saturday, in support of South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster:

Henry McMaster loves the people of South Carolina and was with me from the beginning. He is strong on Crime and Borders, great for our Military and our Vets. He is doing a fantastic job as your Governor, and has my full endorsement, a special guy. Vote on Tuesday!