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President Trump thanked Georgia voters in a Twitter post Wednesday night, after they voted for his choice for governor in the Republican primary.

Reports had noted that Trump’s endorsement for Brian Kemp, currently the Secretary of State for Georgia, helped him rise above his opponent to claim victory in the election Tuesday night. Trump tweeted:

Thank you Georgia! They say that my endorsement last week of Brian Kemp, in the Republican Primary for Governor against a very worthy opponent, lifted him from 5 points down to a 70% to 30% victory! Two very good and talented men in a great race, but congratulations to Brian!

President Trump then commented on the new deal negotiated with the European Union on Wednesday, tweeting:

Great to be back on track with the European Union. This was a big day for free and fair trade!

European Union representatives told me that they would start buying soybeans from our great farmers immediately. Also, they will be buying vast amounts of LNG!

Trump also re-tweeted the following photo from his digital media director, Dan Scavino.

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