Saturday afternoon, President Trump took a shot at Iran in a single tweet, writing:

Iran, and it’s economy, is going very bad, and fast! I will meet, or not meet, it doesn’t matter – it is up to them!

Monday, President Trump had stated that he would be willing to meet with President Hassan Rouhani with “no preconditions” as soon as the Iranian leader agreed to do so.

“I’ll meet with anybody,”Trump said. “If they want to meet, I’ll meet. Anytime they want.”

However, Iran shot down that possibility the same day.

The president departed for Ohio Saturday afternoon to attend a rally in support of Republican Troy Balderson, who is running for Congress in a special election, against Democrat Danny O’Connor. According to a poll this week, Balderson has 44 percent of the vote, and O’Connor has 43 percent.

Trump tweeted Saturday, “Heading to Ohio!”

The president then re-tweeted a statement he had sent out earlier:

Troy Balderson, running for Congress from Ohio, is in a big Election fight with a candidate who just got caught lying about his relationship with Nancy Pelosi, who is weak on Crime, Borders & your 2nd Amendment-and wants to raise your Taxes (by a lot). Vote for Troy on Tuesday!

Saturday morning, Trump had also tweeted in support of Balderson:

Will be going to Ohio tonight to campaign for Troy Balderson for the big Congressional Special Election on Tuesday. Early voting is on. Troy is strong on Crime, the Border & loves our Military, Vets & 2nd Amendment. His opponent is a puppet of Nancy Pelosi/high taxes.

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