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President Trump took to Twitter on Saturday morning to tout the booming economy and speak about wage increases.

Trump, who has been traveling the country in support of GOP congressional candidates in the midterm elections, has been speaking heavily about the economic boom that has taken shape since he entered office in 2017.

The president tweeted:“New Economic Records being set on a daily basis – and it is not by accident!”

Not long after his first message, the president tweeted about the economy again. This time the tweet included a video of himself filmed outside the White House.

In the video he speaks about wages increasing for American workers. Dennis Michael Lynch (DML) responded to the video by congratulating the president for posting a strong message. DML tweeted, “More messages like this are a good thing. Give a raise to whoever in the comms department came up with this idea.”

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  1. I believe President Trump came up with that idea. He doesn’t take a Presidential pay, so he wouldn’t give himself a raise.

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