Trump Victory Crushes Obama’s Legacy

President Barack Obama campaigned hard for Hillary throughout this election, all in an attempt to ensure his work from the past eight years would be carried on for another four with a Democrat as president.

On Tuesday night and early into Wednesday morning, Donald Trump shocked Democrats and the nation as a whole by pulling through with a victory.

President elect Donald Trump garnered support from the “Silent Majority,” those who feel the country has forgotten about them, and those who reject the last eight years of failed policy.

During Obama’s Wednesday speech in response to Trump’s victory, he left the American people with a call for unity behind our new president, but dismay could be seen on his face.

Obama now knows the fate of his legacy, and the fate of his signature initiatives such as Obamacare are in the hands of the man he thought had no chance of winning the presidency.

Whether Obama likes it or not, the ball is in Trump’s court now.

Obama’s speech from outside the White House can be seen below:


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