Trump Will Need Congress To Deport Criminal Illegals

According to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, Trump will not be able to deport the 3 million illegals with criminal records without additional funding from Congress.

PJ Media reported how President elect Donald J. Trump explained his deportation plan during a recent interview on “60 Minutes”, stating that he wants to begin with deporting only the illegals with criminal records. This number is presently between 2 and 3 million.

Jeh Johnson warned such a large number of people would require a large amount of funding from the Congress for it to actually come to fruition.  “Anything you do of that magnitude you’ve got to get funding from Congress. You’ve got to get Congress to along,” Johnson said at a Bloomberg Government discussion on “New Directions for U.S. Infrastructure: Understanding Emerging Needs and Priorities.”

Representative Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican, said at a hearing held last April, “Illegal entrant committed a violent crime and they are in your custody, you have the capability, the facilities to hold more and you’re exercising your judgment to release them, and some of those people you released did violent crimes and actually took the lives of American citizens,” Jordan said.

According to ICE Director Sarah Saldana, who testified at that hearing, “There were 86,000 illegal aliens with criminal records released back into the public by ICE.  She blames this on limited congressional funding and a lack of enough beds at detention centers. Saldana said, “Today we have about 2,000 beds available based on what this Congress authorized us to do.”

Jordan fired back, “I think we’re saying let’s use them.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan said recently that, “There will not be a deportation force under the Trump Administration.”

Jeh Johnson explains how ICE has a deportation force, called Enforcement and Remove operations, or ERO. It falls under the control of ICE and their mission is to remove those with criminal records who are apprehended at the border for purposes of border security and  public safety. This has been their policy and they have been deporting criminal illegals since November of 2014.  Johnson also hopes that the Trump administration increases the salaries of ICE officers to be more in line with the salaries of law enforcement officers.


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