Trump Working Hard to Keep Carrier Factory in U.S.

President elect Donald Trump is doing his best to fulfill another campaign promise.

Trump is hard at work negotiating with Carrier, the Indiana furnace factory. Carrier has stated an intent to move its factory to Mexico, a move that will cost Indiana 1400 jobs.

Bloomberg reports that Trump tweeted this out on Thursday. “Will know soon!”, saying he was working even on Thanksgiving to keep the plant in Indiana.

Carrier replied with a tweet of its own, saying it had held discussions with Trump’s team and looked forward to working with the incoming administration. “Nothing to announce at this time,” said the company that had planned on a Mexico move.

A representative of Farmington, Connecticut-based United Technologies declined to comment beyond Carrier’s tweet. Representatives of Trump’s transition team didn’t respond to a request for more information on the Carrier tweet.

The decision to move Carrier’s furnace factory gained national recognition when a worker’s cell-phone video of the announcement to employees took off on social media and generated criticism of Carrier parent United Technologies Corp.

Bloomberg states that in April, “Trump said he would impose a hefty tax on Carrier’s Mexican-made products and “within 24 hours, they’re going to call back: ‘Mr. President, we’ve decided to stay. We’re coming back to Indianapolis.”’



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