Video: DNC Officials Plotting to Attack Old Women at Trump Rally


Seeing is believing, and this is a video you MUST watch. Project Veritas Action posted it’s 3rd undercover YouTube video Wednesday showing confessions from DNC insiders of their plotting and scheming to disrupt a Trump rally. Their main goal was to target and bully women. The video description below:

Aaron Black, the deputy rapid response director for the DNC is caught on camera bragging about his involvement with the Chicago Trump protest that turned violent in March. In this video he schemes about getting men to bully women at a Trump rally, saying “That is what I’m going to do. That is the hit.”

In the video, Black makes it clear he wants to be sure their involvement in disrupting the rally cannot be traced back to them. The clip is proof the DNC and Hillary Clinton supporters were working inside jobs to cause chaos at the Trump rallies. The video of the undercover DNC schemers can be watched below.

The first two undercover videos can be seen by clicking here for #1, and then clicking here for #2.


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