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In typical Donald Trump style of resolving problems and getting things done on time and under-budget, his once-grounded jet is back in the air.

Mr. Trump’s smaller, private jet that he uses for short trips was grounded on April 18, after the New York Times reported that its registration had expired on Jan 31.  To renew the registration now would take weeks of waiting for the paperwork to be processed, reports the New York Times.   So, Trump simply took advantage of another perfectly legal option – he sold the plane – to himself – or rather, to a separate limited liability company he owns.

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As of Friday, April 22, the plane is now registered to the new owner, DT Endeaver I, which was registered in Delaware in early January, and is controlled by Mr. Trump.

New York Times says he submitted a new registration from the new company, which allows the Cessna jet to fly almost immediately, since the process is different for new owners and provides a temporary registration which allows for immediate flight.

Trump used the plane to fly to his campaign rallies Monday afternoon, in Rhode Island and Pennsylvania.
And oh by the way, Trump won all five states today.  Check out DML’s opinion about where this leaves Ted Cruz. 


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