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President Trump has recently expressed strong willingness to work out a deal with the Democrats to approve a DACA program, which would give protection from deportation to almost 1 million illegal alien youths, in exchange for funding for his border wall, and other immigration reforms.

In response, parents and families of victims who have been murdered by illegal aliens published an open letter to the president this week, saying, “The deal we hear being bandied about does not begin to live up to your promise.”

A “Responsible Immigration Reform Survey” has been brought to our attention, which is on the Donald J. Trump website, where the American people can submit their answers on how important the various aspects of border security and immigration reform are to them.

The survey asks about topics such as how important is a physical wall along the border to you, as well as enacting e-verify programs, chain migration, the Diversity Visa Lottery program, tax credits for illegal aliens, reducing foreign visas, limiting immigration during times of high unemployment in America, giving priority to immigrants who can speak English, establishing a merit-based immigration system, and preventing illegal aliens from being granted citizenship.

The survey does not specifically mention DACA, nor does it address the “Anchor Baby” issue involving the Fourteenth Amendment.

However, space is provided on the survey for any additional concerns or remarks.


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