Trump’s Transition: Approval Rating Lower than Bush and Obama

A recent Gallup poll has President-elect Donald Trump’s approval rating lower than those of Obama and Bush.

The Gallup poll was conducted from Dec. 7-11.  Gallup surveyed 1,028 American adults from all regions of the U.S.  The poll has a margin of error of 4 percent.

Americans appear to be split down the middle at 48% approving  and 48% disapproving of Trump’s transition.

Back in 2008, President Obama’s transition rating was 75% and back in 2001, President George Bush’s rating was at 65%.

Trump’s lower rating could be based on the disapproval by Democrats of his recent cabinet picks.  Reportedly, only 17% of Democrats approve of Trump’s transition.  This reflects a significant drop when compared to the 46% of Democrats that approved Bush’s transition in 2001.

Trump has nominated several new cabinet members, with the most recent being Governor Rick Perry as Secretary of Energy, and Ryan Zinke, a Montana Republican, as Secretary of Interior.







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