Trump’s Transition Team Working Right Up Till Christmas


While President Obama is off enjoying his week before Christmas in Hawaii, President-elect Trump has taken no breaks, busy building his transition team and working on making America great again.

In President-elect Trump’s book “Think Like a Billionaire” he questions the value of vacationing and mentioned on social media, “Don’t take vacations. What’s the point?” This is in stark contrast to Obama who, during his transition period, was relaxing with his family and staff in Hawaii instead of preparing for his team to enter the White House. 

In 2008, the Associated Press released a report on Christmas Day stating, “With less a month before Obama takes office on Jan. 20, he is taking every step possible to make sure this holiday is as private as possible. Obama and his family planned to spend their Christmas holiday mostly out of sight, an accomplishment given his two-year, high-profile marathon to win the presidency.”

However Trump has continued to build his team, adding five new additions to his White House staff, with only a few days left till Christmas Day. Among the recent additions are Sean Spicer, the Republican National Committee spokesman, who Trump has chosen as his press secretary as well as Jason Miller, the transition spokesman who will serve as his White House communications director.

After being extremely vocal about Obama’s constant leisure time, telling Fox News in 2011 that Obama “takes more vacations than any human I’ve ever seen,” Trump has vowed to avoid “big” vacations while in office.

Trump and several other Republicans slammed Obama for not cutting his two week summer vacation short, in August, to attend to the flood-ravaged Baton Rouge. Obama has taken seven summer trips to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts during his presidency.

Hillary Clinton was also criticized by Trump and others for her lavish vacations and constant need for relaxation.

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